OScope is a basic (and cheap) oscilloscope that uses Arduino Uno board as Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)  and a PC to display the oscilloscope screen.

Input board

The first part of the project is to build the ADC board using Arduino.
I will use the Arduino analog input to read the input voltage. If the input voltage you have is between 0 and 5 Volt you can just plug your input to the A0 pin of your Arduino otherwise you have to implement a basic amplifier.
My first prototype is based on a simple transistor. It is currently injecting a lot of noise but is useful for my tests.



To Do

Many improvements are in the queue. Not sure if they will ever be implemented.
  • Improve visualizer GUI. Some good examples are this and this.
  • Improve input board accuracy and allow to control amplification.
  • Visualizer app code refactoring. Use classes and modularize the code.
  • Implement oscilloscope triggering.
  • Implement FFT analyzer.
  • Multichannel input and display.
  • 10 bits resolution.
  • Implement oscilloscope controls.
  • Control arduino DAC parameters (samples, frequency, amplification) from the UI using handshaking.


Improved Poor Man's Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope! THE EASY WAY! DIY

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