December 28, 2015

Installing WiFiEsp library

The easiest way of installing the WiFiEsp library in the Arduino IDE is using the Arduino Library Manager.

Launch the Arduino IDE and select Sketch - Include Library - Manage Libraries

The Arduino Library Manager will open. All you have to do is search for 'WiFiEsp' and hit the 'Install' button.

After the library has been installed you can open one of the examples.

Alternative download

If you want to manually install the library you can dowload it from GitHub and deal yourself with the installation process.


  1. Hi, thank you for sharing knowledge!! I am trying to use AltSoftSerial (PRJC) to have 2 RS232 in arduinos 328 but it uses fixed 8 & 9 (I try/use 57600). You use 6 & 7 with SoftwareSerial. Do you think can I change your "serial settings" to AltSoft? can it work? only a question, just say no if not =) congratulations for this idea/work that permit us mere mortals use our libs and bad tricks in arduino and think in Iot ;)

  2. You can set any pins you want in SoftwareSerial initialization.
    This is available in the new version of the library.

  3. You can set any pins you want in SoftwareSerial initialization.
    This is available in the new version of the library.

  4. Ciao Bruno

    sto provando la tua libreria , ho fatto tutte le connessione come hai suggerito (ho messo un lm317 come regolatore di tensione per la vcc e un partitore di tensione sul pin7) ma ho sempre questo messaggio :
    [WiFiEsp] Initializing ESP module
    [WiFiEsp] >>> TIMEOUT >>>
    [WiFiEsp] Cannot initialize ESP module
    [WiFiEsp] >>> TIMEOUT >>>
    [WiFiEsp] No tag found
    ********************************************** Firmware version > FAILED (actual="", expected="1.5.0")

    puoi aiutarmi?

    1. I think you have an old firmware.
      Are you able to send AT commands manually?

      You can also try to enable tracing in WiFiEsp changing _ESPLOGLEVEL_ to 4 in WiFiEsp\src\utility\debug.h

    2. Same problem here!

      I set the ESP8266-01 to 9600 Baud and worked fine :)

      PS. It was previously on 112K Baud which can be a problem for SOFTWARESERIAL

  5. Sketch ClientTest return this:

    [WiFiEsp] Connecting to
    ********************************************** Connect to server > FAILED (actual=0, expected=1)

    ********************************************** Connected > FAILED (actual=0, expected=1)

    ********************************************** Response received > FAILED (actual=0, expected=1)

  6. I'm getting this problem when I try and use the library:

    In file included from /Users/Ken/Dropbox/Projects/Arduino/libraries/WiFiEsp/src/WiFiEspServer.h:22:0,
    from /Users/Ken/Dropbox/Projects/Arduino/libraries/WiFiEsp/src/WiFiEspServer.cpp:19:
    /Applications/ error: expected class-name before '{' token
    class Server : public Print {
    In file included from /Users/Ken/Dropbox/Projects/Arduino/libraries/WiFiEsp/src/WiFiEspServer.cpp:19:0:
    /Users/Ken/Dropbox/Projects/Arduino/libraries/WiFiEsp/src/WiFiEspServer.h:53:15: error: type 'Print' is not a base type for type 'WiFiEspServer'
    using Print::write;
    Error compiling for board Teensy 3.2 / 3.1.

    1. Solution:

    2. Hello,

      Trying ESP-01 with an UNO-R3, however, getting web socket assignment error! Pls help!! Thanks

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  8. Need help, When I try running the example code, the wifi ESP constantly says "timeout" and "No tag found". However it can successfully connect to the wifi. Why are there these error messages and how can i fix it?