February 20, 2017

Face detection and recognition with Python and OpenCV

This page is collecting a set of experiments on face detection and recognition using Python 3 and OpenCV library. The proposed examples have an increasing complexity to help you understand how this works.
The examples are based on Windows and Raspberry PI.

First of all we need to make a clear distinction between face detection and face recognition. These two terms are too often misused in the various articles I have found.
Face Detection detects the faces in the image. The output will be one ore more rectangles on the faces detected in the image.
Face Recognition identifies the face in input using a faces database. A single face should be given as input, and the output will be the name or class of the image.

The PyFaceRec repository is shared on GitHub with all the described examples ready to be used and modified.

Here is the full set of posts on this topic.
  1. Install Python 3 and OpenCV library on Windows
  2. Install Python 3 and OpenCV library on RaspberryPI (ToDo)
  3. Face detection example
  4. Face recognition example


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